Samantha Barany

June 10th, 2004- Florida
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My Story

there was this girl who knew she was different
did she know why? no she didn't.
every day she would get bullied at school
labeled "freak" "cutter" and "uncool"

later in life she turned 15.
she had a whole different view of the world, that was unseen.
she did some research and wrote some stuff down
she discovered one thing and upon it, it was majorly frowned.

later on that night she took her scissors.
she cut her own hair and wondered.
"would I look better as a boy?" she asked.
after she cut her hair, she started to pass.

she started loving herself slowly but surely.
she styled her hair, but it didn't look good curly.
she finally came out to her father that night.
he yelled and told her it wasn't right.

"You will always be my daughter I don't wanna hear it" he yelled.
but upon deaf ears it fell.

soon her family fell apart after turning 16.
if you've read my stuff, you'll know what's up.
she kept her hair short and questioned her identity for years.
every night she ended up shedding some tears.

until one day he decided he'll do what makes him happy.
that was the day he decided to do male hormone therapy.

so if you're reading this dad, thank you for making me finally see.
my name is Ashe and this is my story
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