Sam Sin

April 9, 1992 - Oklahoma
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swallow, swallow, swallow


Swallow, swallow, swallow
Keep it all down

That bitter bile, raging vile, spewing out your mouth

Swallow, swallow, swallow
That creased, painful, ire

Swallow until you can no more
Every last drop of desire

Swallow, Swallow, Swallow
Your last bit of fight

Keep your temper, bite your tongue, and keep it freeze or flight

Swallow, Swallow, Swallow
Until the words twist in your mouth

Through your teeth in a polite hiss
Curling out a smile

Swallow, swallow, swallow
Until your anger fades to rage

Until the tiny tic, a random click
Crashes from your ire, white hot desire to shake the bars of the cage

Swallow, Swallow, Swallow
Until the idea and thought break through

That maybe, it’s not them that’s crazy
And maybe it’s always been you

Swallow, Swallow, Swallow
Until you’re dizzy with the temptation

To rest your head, in a freeing bed, of maybe it’s you, never them, it’s time to fit in, you never will win, maybe it’s petty frustration

Swallow, swallow, swallow
Because maybe you were crazy
Your boss was right, you shouldn’t fit, clearly you are lazy

Swallow, swallow, swallow
Until you’re timid and unsure

Quiet as a mouse, scampering little creature
Flinching, staring at the floor

Swallow, swallow, swallow
It’s easier to fit in, you tame your spark to an ember

Then winter rolls around and the leaves are brown, like your shirt, food, thoughts buried along with your ration, like the hard frozen ground in December

Swallow, swallow, swallow
It’s the proper thing to do




Nothing else you could do
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