Saleh Ben Saleh

Tripoli - Libya April 8, 1967
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The Power of Words

Our words carry enormous weight,
more than we ever think,
when spoken out will leave a mark not just a trace of ink.
Words empower people,
to some maybe a muse,
but a mighty power lies within some of the words we use.

Life has always shown,
how powerful words can be,
a careless word,
sharp or dull may change reality.
Some words will offer comfort and make you feel alive,
but the magnitude of hurtful words may end a persons life.

Words may bring delight just like the rising sun,
but not from those who lecture people on what they could have done.
And words that are left unsaid create barriers and pain,
but many find a sense of solace in words they had restrained.

Saleh Ben Saleh
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