Saleh Ben Saleh

Tripoli - Libya April 8, 1967
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I Feel Words

I praise the wise and respect the wisdom of every old and young, for when they speak they pave the way to every poem or song.

There is a charm in all their words and phrases short or long. In what they say you should believe until you prove them wrong.

When wisdom speaks I always listen to thoughts of brilliant minds, just like a gem or precious stone or gold in haunted mines.

I feel the words and see them spark in corners everywhere, sometimes I even smell their scent floating in the air.

A set of words in form of art could take your breath away, for classy words will make you feel in heaven you want to stay.

I wish I was a famous scholar or a poet who plays a part, I like to think I have a say in themes that steal the heart.

Even the blind wisdom they see gleaming in the dark, but ignorant words from a stupid fool could tear your life apart.

Saleh Ben Saleh
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