Rumi Ullidov

April 21, 1987 - Komoran

Marbless of Happiness

He lost both his fingers during war.
Most of his friends suffered such injuries:
one lacked his left leg, one her right eye and some missed their toes
or their entire faces.
You may think that their suffering brought them pain and despair only.
You think wrong!

Tom was the leader of their group.
He lost his fingers two years ago,
when a grenade hit his little house and killed both of his parents.
They were watching TV in the living room and his little sister was in the bathroom.
Now, he is trying to forget everything that happened.
But it is hard
since his brain brings only the horrific pictures of the disastrous day.
Mom and dad's hands holding together apart from their bodies,
which were spread all over the house: on the walls, next to the burnt tulips,
behind the destroyed family photos,
under Tom's school trophies... everywhere.
But he could not remember his sister, because they did not let him see her.
On that day, while looking around, coughing and in pain, he saw something shining.
Quite ironic, since everything resembled a monstrous ruin
from medieval sepulchers...
and there it was,
the beacon of a new life!

Today that marble is the epitome of togetherness and friendship,
for each and every afternoon they gather in front of
- then Tom's house - now Museum of War,
and play together.
Tom is happy.
His friends are happy.
They have their marble...
the beacon towards a new life.
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