Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe

About the Burna Boy concert

We could've danced and sung and played
But the sky was mad
And it rained and rained.
So hard that my eyes couldn't see beyond that mess of a window glass
And when we did dance and sing and play indoors
The thunder huffed, and puffed
And shook the house so hard.
Our bodies ached with the terror within.
It was deathly quiet
Holding on to dear life under roof and brick.

Burna Boy played 'Ye' at the Spirit Bank Centre
and the crowd held their fists up high
Flags of Fella were floating in the humid air
sweat and tears of joy.

I can only imagine how it was.
But this is how it was for me,
silence in the dark house
Thunder and lightning circling above the chimney
your little bones in my arms
cursing the rain.
Oh woman, how much fun we could've had.
We really could have danced, and played, and sung
But it rained so hard.
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