Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

January 9,2001- Jammu and Kashmir
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The Silence of 25 Years : Imam Ali

In the sands of Arabia,
Amidst the starry night,
A man stood tall and steadfast,
In his heart, a shining light.

Ali, the beloved of many,
Champion of truth and right,
He stood for justice and virtue,
With all his strength and might.

He did not resort to violence,
To uphold his noble cause,
But with his wisdom and patience,
He won hearts without a pause.

"I am the door of knowledge,"
He proclaimed with pride,
For he knew the value of learning,
And its power to guide.

In the darkness of the desert,
He wept and shed his tears,
But he never lost his faith,
In the face of trials and fears.

Strangers were brought to his seat,
To challenge his rightful claim,
But he remained the true heir,
For he lacked not in courage or aim.

Today, let us remember Ali,
And the legacy he left behind,
Of honor, justice, and wisdom,
And a heart so pure and kind
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