Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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My 666 nightmare

The Internet would not work so I could not trade.
I was unable to contact my Bank and was afraid.
Then my credit card and Pin number were rejected,
and to make matters worse my email was affected.

It felt as though "Big Brother" had been watching me
and had taken away my freedom and liberty.
I was all alone and was beginning to fear
wondering if the Antichrist had appeared.

Thinking that he was up to his dastardly tricks,
I checked around for the number 666.
Was he forcing me to conform and to comply,
to abandon the truth and to follow a lie?

Was the control of the Beast about to begin,
and that it had already slipped clandestinely in?
… Then a message came saying all was fine,
the problem was solved and I was back on line.
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