Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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It is finished

Resounding throughout the universe
transcending time and space,
is the greatest shout of victory
heard by the human race.
From the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ
came that tremendous cry.
"It is finished" was His shout
as He laid down His life to die.

All scripture has been fulfilled
and the prophecy is complete,
as the One of whom all prophets speak
held Satan in defeat.
The battle has been won by Him,
The Immortal God who died.
His precious blood has flowed for sin
and the law is satisfied.

How vast the ransom He has paid
for no work was left undone.
The gate to heaven opened wide
by God's Beloved Son.
Humankind has been redeemed
and the price for sin is paid.
The shame and suffering is over,
atonement has been made.

My Lord and my God was crucified
the sinners faithful friend.
The Alpha and Omega is the
Beginning and the End.
His perfect life sacrificed to pay
the dreadful price for sins.
The Age of Law ends at the cross as
the Age of Grace begins.

The great battle is now over,
our redemption has been won.
No more need for types and shadows
for the will of God is done.
Satan has been defeated
by Christ the crucified,
and the sting of death is vanquished
as the grave bursts open wide.
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