Rose Fyleman

1877_1957 / Nottingham

Yesterday In Oxford Street

YESTERDAY in Oxford Street, oh, what d'you think,

my dears?
I had the most exciting time I've had for years and

years ;
The buildings looked so straight and tall, the sky

was blue between,
And, riding on a motor-bus, I saw the fairy

queen !

Sitting there upon the rail and bobbing up and

The sun was shining on her wings and on her golden

And looking at the shops she was, the pretty silks

and lace-
She seemed to think that Oxford Street was quite

a lovely place.

And once she turned and looked at me, and waved

her little hand;
But I could only stare and stare oh, would she

understand ?
I simply couldn't speak at all, I simply couldn't

And all the rest of Oxford Street was just a shining


Then suddenly she shook her wings a bird had

fluttered by
And down into the street she looked and up into the


And perching on the railing on a tiny fairy toe,
She flashed away so quickly that I hardly saw her


I never saw her any more, altho' I looked all day;
Perhaps she only came to peep, and never meant to

stay ;

But oh, my dears, just think of it, just think what

luck for me,
That she should come to Oxford Street, and I be

there to see !
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