Rose Fyleman

1877_1957 / Nottingham


IF I were a bird with a dear little nest

I should always be going for flights,
I'd fly to the North and the South and the West

And see all the wonderful sights.
I'd perch on the point of the very tall spires,

And race with the insects and bees,
And there would be parties on telegraph wires,

And school at the top of the trees.

If I were a fairy and lived in a flower,

What fun, oh, what fun it would be !
I'm certain I never should sleep for an hour,

And I'd always have honey for tea ;
And never a stocking or shoe would I wear,

Nor ever a hat on my head,
And no one would tell me to tidy my hair,

And no one would send me to bed.
If I were a duchess in satin and pearls,

I'd curtsey like this and like this ;
I'd graciously smile at the lords and the earls,

And give them my fingers to kiss.
And mother should dress all in silver and pink,

And daddy in silver and green,
And off we should go in a coach, only think,

To live with the King and the Queen!
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