Rose Fyleman

1877_1957 / Nottingham

Fairy Lullaby For A Mortal

SLEEP, oh sleep, for the night is still ;
The friendly moon peers over the hill ;
Cradled soft on the bosom of night
Smiling she scatters her wistful light
Where fairy lovers their trystings keep ;
But the children of men must sleep, must

Sleep, oh sleep, for your days are long ;
The stars shall sing you a slumber-song
Clear and bright as their silver flames,
All made up of their own sweet names,
Falling softly from star to star
Mera, Murphid and Aladfar.

Sleep, oh sleep ; with never a sound
We will circle mazily round and around ;
We will wrap you close in a web of dreams
Shot with delicate fairy gleams ;
With our soft, soft wings we will brush away
The sorrowful darkness that comes with the

Sleep, oh sleep, for the night grows late ;
Over the hill our comrades wait.
How can we go when the gifts we brought,
For all our loving, have served you nought ?
How can we leave you and know you weep ?
Will you not hush you, and smile, and sleep ?
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