Rose Fyleman

1877_1957 / Nottingham

A Complaint

YOU'VE stolen all our mushrooms !
When friends come in to tea
In Fairyland it is the rule
To offer them a satin stool ;
The grass is often very wet
And furniture is hard to get,
As you must all agree.

You've stolen all our mushrooms
And left not one behind.
If people came by night and day
And took your prettiest chairs away
And made them all into a stew
Without so much as thanking you,
Now would you call it kind ?

You've stolen all our mushrooms,

And, if you don't take care,

We'll go about the fields at night

And paint the toadstools brown and white,

And you'll be punished for your greed

By being very ill indeed

So you had best beware.
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