Robert Rittel

05 February 1960

The Poetry Gallery

Walking through the contemporary gallery of poems as theme,
where images are painted by the soul with words in a frame.
The calming thoughts like woven sound of streams,
the innermost sense in philosophical conduct it seems.
Pictures and images expressing those radical hues,
suspended emotion and feelings have the double base of blues.
Awareness and truth with a cosmopolitan illustration,
liberties with articulated hopes in divine presentation.
The Gallery has many rooms and halls with high ceiling,
making every painting of thought in great light revealing.
Confessions from the intimate act of rhyming inspiration,
sensing the purity of mental virtue by aspiration.
My heart in love by simple words and joyous state ,
sensing at times the texture of many hymns of fate.
Quivering phrases with subtle expressions so bare,
loving touches by sensuous melodic lyrics so fare.
Time solved into distant valleys from where I stand,
spreading on empty scenes turning vacant.
The all embracing mysteries of human love intertwined,
taken the realms of dreams vividly contained.
The poetic soul in celestial consequence,
taken the magic hour of twilight as reference.
The firmament in burning spirit of faith,
giving imagination another world, which cannot wait.
Holding on to that wondering awe of that exhibition,
for other times by picture memories with refined condition.
The spirit through many lives and frames more attuned,
echoes from the multiverse of creative visions bloomed.
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