Robert Rittel

05 February 1960

The dance of destiny

The individual universe in each persona,
changes by the hour in changing spectrum of the sun’s corona.
The constant different light by day and night through the year,
many different dresses for destiny and her dance to wear.
Images and recorded drama from distant lights,
every rationality and senses one might fight.
The quest of soul and subtle mentality to be free,
pointing to the possibility in advance to be.
The silent rhythm of consequence from long ago,
holding the beatitude in its dimension to and fro.
The exhausting pattern established by convenient same,
playing the recognized melody in this applicable frame.
The phantom of destiny in fear based dreams,
images of impossibilities everywhere it seems.
Ghostly attachments for sure fulfilled,
impossible contentment by questions milled.
The leading lady of desires in pulse of gestalt,
transitions of learning the subtle self by occult.
The denial here in painful incidence,
the trapped mind in tragic body residence.
Dance the waltz of slow evolution,
until the dept of purpose sets the timing of conclusion.
The freedom of movement in body bound,
all celestial lights have them, where they need to be found.
Destiny likes her facts and symphony in play,
giving the option by truth and sincerity without delay.
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