Robert Rittel

05 February 1960

The Ballerina

As student I worked at a theater which was a majestic hall,
cleaning between the seats and all.
Wednesday was very special, then a petit dancer practicing her routine,
graceful pirouettes, tip toes, arabesque and grand jete amandine.
Adagio composed with every note and allonge,
silky glittering ribbons in curly cones and flowers by a second.
Boundless gestalt laced in expression of belle epoch, I guess,
flowing in mirror reflected subtlety makes sense in that dress.
Seamless gliding through the air like feathers do,
passionate expressions conspire to and fro.
Attraction in creative love affair tell the dancing story as it can,
sitting in the back row in blue overall with broom and dustpan.
Bonded in this place with love at first sight amazed awe,
many wondering questions become the mind in circling draw.
My imagination was drawing us in this time forever,
wanting to give her my aspiration in all dept by desire.
Then I heard my supervisor shouting very clear,
that we all have to do a job here.
Thank you little ballerina to give me a secret dream,
and painting your companionship in my solitude so keen.
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