Robert Rittel

05 February 1960

Echoes of a dream

Since I have seen your smiling face in that vivid dream,
and you spoke to me in that gentle sphere of realm.
We walked at different shores by circumstances tied,
wanting to cross over in shared dreams of a far away land.
In that solution we find that love to abide in its essence,
holding communion in her visible presence.
Providing all eloquence of beauty,
by many smiles and joy in magnificent duty.
So utterly complete and fresh in bliss,
this forbidden eternal fill of a kiss.
A space between esteem it’s deem to might,
when lovers have the honor to touch that innocent light.
Confined to that circumstance of magical blind,
only the best to allow and find.
Undeniable spectrum of wondrous mind,
is that the image of heart for the righteous kind.
Dare to venture,
when that picture becomes alive to enter.
Kindling to the language of the soul to consume so quite,
to build a temple of our greater almight.
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