Richie Kharis

March 09, Nigeria
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Some cry so loudly for this strange thing
Some fight with all they’ve got for the same thing
Some dream of it but haven’t seen
Some believe they will have it while they live on

A thing so powerful and so evil
A thing that turns the gentle into pride
Something so peaceful and arrogant
A thing that makes the humble command

To many, it is the first thing they need,
With a solid heart, they shed blood to get it hard.
Many, wish it happened without a blink
Because this strange thing brings transformation.

But we all miss the big quest.
How does it transform its’ guests?
Who is ready for what it brings?
Because it changes most into what they never want to be.

Can you control this strange thing?
That robs or builds the greatest treasure from within
Can you speak and not be intimidated?
When it appears before your very face.
Will you allow your voice to be bought?
When it seeks for nothing but yours
Will, you still have a choice
When it does show its beautiful side?
Yes, what’s the strange thing
Money -the core of corruption.
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