Richard Randolph

July 3, 1955--Oregon
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If I Were to Stumble

If I were to stumble,
if I were to fall,
would you lend a helping hand,
would you even call?

Might you turn away,
pretend you didn't see,
might you simply shake your head,
put the blame on me?

Or if I were to get lost
in some dark, foreboding wood,
would you try to find me,
do all that you could?

Might you think it too inconvenient,
look at our friends and say,
we were never all that close,
and then just walk away?

Or what if I did something
that you thought was wrong,
would you try to understand,
or would you just be gone?

Might you feel yourself the victim,
or feel honor bound to leave,
might you even crave the sorrow
from how I made you grieve?

I'm just sitting here wondering,
trying to understand,
what we are together,
exactly where I stand.
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