Rebekah Roberts

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Therapist Notes

Struggling to connect with my two older kids feeling like maybe I'm resentful with them and can't move on from the previous day and almost having the same attitude as the previous day (negative)
Feeling like everything is in my head
Feeling like I might have narcissistic traits but knowing even having that type of self reflection is something a narcissist isn't capable if but still heavily Feeling like I am narcissistic
(Reason for Feeling like a narcissist) since leaving the environment I grew up in I feel like so many things end up being how they are because of how I feel personally
Feel like I most likely have cptsd
Definitely feel like I have anxiety
Definitely feel like I may have clinical depression (mother and grandmother have this)
Writing a list of things because I know I'm going to be getting a therapist and feel like the only reason I can justify the cost is actually being able to pin point issues and actually have something to say instead of even the first session not getting much of anything accomplished
Also just writing this and thinking about expressing my feelings making me cry
Also the fact that I feel I need to prove I need a reason to be in therapy
Feeling like maybe faith is what got me through my childhood
Can't remember much of my childhood
Distancing myself from my faith because the people who raised me in it did not reflect it
Feeling weak any time I cry which leads me to not talking about my feelings because I seem to cry any time I talk about any of my own deep feelings
Writing all of these things down when I have the thought because when time comes to express them I will likely forget or not be able to actually express them when it comes to finding the words to speak them
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