Raymond A Foss

1960 / Westfield, MA / United States


Brothers killing brothers,
fighting brothers, hating each other
for minor things, petty differences
selfish desires, cheap greed,
anger, position, power
oh to see the way through
to love, to forgiveness
to compassion as a father can
did in the story of the brothers
each of whom broke his heart
for what they did,
what they would not do
A world of brothers, of sisters
struggling, fighting, killing,
hating one another,
throughout the human story
near and far, a world of Cain's
and Able's, of Jacob's and Esau's
fighting, hurting each other
and their father, who wanted love
peace, harmony, caring one to the other
who wants this still, even now
for love to pervade, imbue the world
nurture and bond us together
at the end of the story
reconciliation for the brothers
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