Raymond A Foss

1960 / Westfield, MA / United States

An Act Of Faith

I stood before the congregation
knowing the financial crunch
the hard work, done by so many
for so many years, to avoid
to never face this day
knowing the realities
the harsh numbers
of the budget
the fund balances no more
the income stream insufficient
declining membership

But I rose to argue, to debate
to convince all
We must not fall to the realities alone
We cannot bow to what is now
God can provide; God has provided
We can grow the church,
new members, new disciples
are out there; we must be fishers
fishers of men, out in the wider community

Follow our roots; pitch the tent, the Tabernacle,
raise the roof, preach to the quickening crowd
believe, really believe, that the money
will come, that the ministry will grow
that our best times are ahead
our aged congregation
can be reborn
can renew
will be
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