Ranger Kessel

January 28th 1977 green bay
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I can fly I can scream
I can warm water fight
I am bird liver lean
Never even, & always obscene
Dripping wax ever so mean
I am light.
I am fright
semi sweet slurred.
I am wonder and fright.
Two feet on the gas,
One half on the brake.
Soft gauges blurred
Under half moons of night
I am rigid I am sure
I am gut stabbed & sore.
Forever this king has
Demanded more.
I am reckless in night.
I am fearful in tattered
Living room jeans.
I am flattened and worn
& so belly tight.
I am sweet pearl milk
Gouged under knife
crossed wires inside
I am wanting.
I am taunting.
Winless & choked in red mountain scorn.
I am whipped
I am soft egg surprise
Torn up at dawn
Bowled & cracked & sizzled & flipped
Over just right.
I am runny. I am drizzle.
Cut red with a knife.
Splattered on toast
& otherwise ripped.
I am rimmed I am trimmed
I am bottle sea round.
Smashed against stone
Big toes & footprints ripping her ground.
I am red, I am green
Violence of shapes show who I've been.
I am shaken. I am stirred,
Soft nightmare inferred.
I am ruby not red
But definitely spiked.
There are red & there's blue,
sometimes there's white
None of them fit like pure black & white
I am fruited and dressed
Buttoned and snapped
In white carpet best.
I am lonely. I am longing.
Wearing the whitest red vest.
I am saccharine. I am blue.
Papered quiet on coffee stained hues
Clumsily flopped in quiet bed sheets
Pierced photo hums
Memories & pump chest
Devil disguises
I've already been there.
Quakes & rumbles & sorority crows.
Novels & wakes & nobody knows.
I am fine. I like wine,
& I'm way out of site
I giggle I jiggle
& i love your wiggle
Squared in my turnips tonight.
I am dubious in metal arm vests
I am wrinkled. My fries are so crinkled
They burn out my buds
My soda soft duds.
My cotton sewed beds
& bath water suds.
I am light.
Pages blue ignoring red evening lights
I don't know the pink ignoring
This flight.
Broken light screens
Or seismic wing sites.
What caused this dismay
Or lamp reading rites.
I am made of spider leg bites
& wilt water beams.

I am cold water me, & you know what means.
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