Randy Johnson

August 20, 1971 - Tennessee
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You starred in the Cosby show, Family matters and in the Young and the restless too.
Starring in all three of these shows was an impressive thing to do.
But something terrible happened in December of 1998.
Something that many people would hate.
You died and sadly you're gone forever.
You were intelligent and well put together.
You were beautiful like roses and wine.
You passed away at the young age of twenty-nine.
When we think about your death, it makes us sad.
When we think about how short your life was, it makes us mad.
Your death pricked us like a thorn.
You were destined to be a great actress on the day you were born.
In 1998 it was painful when we were forced to say goodbye.
America was shocked when you died.
You were a talented black actress and that's a fact.
You should've been given many more years to act.
Now you're with God and he must be thrilled.
It must have been great to be an actress with such skill.
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