Randy Johnson

August 20, 1971 - Tennessee
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Malcolm In The Middle

(Based on the TV show.)

This was a show about Malcolm who's a genius teen.
He had four brothers, a dad and a mom who's mean.
The parents were constantly angry at Reese.
He was a thug who didn't give them a minutes peace.
Francis was sent to military school just because he pierced his nose.
A lot of people laugh when they watch those shows.
Dewey and Jamie were the two youngest boys.
Watching this disfunctional family brings people lots of joy.
Malcolm worked at a grocery store and his mom did too.
He got his ass kicked by a man on stilts, that was humiliating to go through.
I've spent many hours laughing at these people who are funny.
They had to star as messed up kids but at least they have money.
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