Randy Johnson

August 20, 1971 - Tennessee
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Back In Time

People told him that he had it all but he never agreed.
He was too consumed by his greed.
He traveled back in time when his brother invented a time machine.
He didn't know that he would lose his wife and his kids who are in their teens.
When he went to the past, he gave his younger self a sports almanac.
He returned to the future and saw that he messed things up so he had to go back.
His younger self used the sports almanac to place lots of bets.
He got filthy rich but it was something he would regret.
He learned that he and his wife didn't get hitched.
She wanted a normal guy, not someone who's filthy rich.
He lost his wife and kids.
He felt sick when he realized what he did.
He returned to the past and retrieved the almanac.
He burned it and everything changed back.
Now he's no longer consumed by greed.
He found out that the love of his family is all that he needs.
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