Randy Johnson

August 20, 1971 - Tennessee
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A 2nd Poem About Hoss

(Instead of revising my original Hoss(Dan Blocker) poem, I decided to write another Hoss poem.)

He made Bonanza a great success.
He was born in Bowie County, Texas.
After Dan Blocker died, Bonanza went on.
But it wasn't the same after he was gone.

At fourteen pounds he was the largest baby born in his town.
Eighteen years later he stood six feet three and weighed three hundred pounds.
Hoss appeared to be more gentle than Adam and little Joe.
When he passed away, fans found it hard to let go.

He starred with Landon, Roberts, and Greene.
Fans were astounded by his performance on the screen.
After gall bladder surgery, he died from a clot in his lung.
Dying at forty-three was far too young.

It was so sad when Mister Blocker died.
They couldn't have cast a better actor for the role of Hoss if they tried.
He guest starred in Gunsmoke, Maverick, and Cheyenne.
When he was laid to rest, we lost a very talented man.
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