Raju K Tiwari

Jun 15 , 1982 - Kolkata, India

What Corona Indicates - You n me to Investigate


Seeing is believing, we all know,
But when, will open our eyes, O my bro.
Corona bombing the fire of poison,
All over the world .
Lives are ending in this explosion,
Putting everything on hold.

From Wuhan to everywhere,
Corona seems to be the perpetrator.
It's us, who know corona's cause ,
Which has put everything in pause.

Trees are being cut .
Biospheres are being shut .
Rivers are drying .
Animals are crying .
Sun is going warmer .
Moon is going colder.

Stop looting the planets.
Stop shooting the nature's chariot.
Stop crossing the barriers .
Learn & follow the VEDIC dossiers.

From lockdown to knockdown .
Every nook & corners seem to be
- the devil's town.
It's just a trailer
If we dare to shear the creature .
It may be the terminator of nature .

- By Raju Kumar Tiwari
21 Apr 2020
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