Rafiq Pasha

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Carry The Bike Home

Me, and my friends together, four,
Went for RD selection, to increase the score.
Had dreams, to participate in the Republic Day parade,
Before leaving home, just had a little jam and bread.
Late Noon, after the selection process,
Planned to go home, dreaming about success.
We all reached, where the bicycles were parked,
As my friend reached his pocket, the panic sparked.
Unfortunately, my friend had lost his bike keys,
In despair, searched all the pants and jerseys.
Had no spare key, but we got suggestions galore,
We tried everything, used all the tricks and lore.
A mate of mine came with a wise option,
To carry the bike in turns, was the plan of action.
We marched back home, with the bike on our shoulders,
The crowd followed as we crossed parks and boulders.
Some thought it was a challenge and some wager,
We reached home, after a long stagger.
The real truth, my friend told the crowd,
They expressed disbelief, but still, we were proud.
With his bike safe, my friend reached his home,
Tired and sweaty, looked like we came from Nome.
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