Rafiq Pasha

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All Alone

Beneath the clouds, I sat down,
stacks of thoughts in my mind, I found.
None besides me, in a pensive mood,
even trees in howling breeze, firm they stood.

A flying dry leaf, but, on my face it stuck,
just like I feel avoided in the ruck.
Friends had I to name many,
gay were the days, those sunny.

Across my fate what struck down,
thinking this I rubbed, my feet on grassy ground.
Jovial was their company, would empty many a keg,
never once, dreamt I, the ship of friends would wreck.

Now can hear in mishap, only the whispering silence,
heart thaws, at the thought, why friends distance.
Fingers on rosary, with only word I remember ‘forgive’,
many storms on the way, alone to face, I should live.
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