Qila Gall

June 6, 2006 - Brisbane
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Afternoon Thoughts

Clouds litter the sky
Sun sets
School is over for the day

Rainy thoughts lock my mind
Keeping my good thoughts at bay
They slipped
Out of my mind
Out through my head

Left my world
Left my day
Left my mind
Left my cell

Inside these walls
Locked in

Disappearing as fast as they appear
Never knowing when they will come
Never know when they will go

Seconds turn to minutes
Minutes turn to hours
Hours turn to days

Locked away
Inside a cage

A cage of words
A cage of thoughts

Thoughts that appear and slip out through my head
Suddenly I find some that stay

Unhappy and depressing
I’m forced to lock them away

Inside a cage
A cage of minds
Inside a cage
Of words and rhymes

A cage as bright as day
When the happy words they stay
Dark and cold as a gloomy night
When depressing words stay in sight

Never leaving
Always stay
Until the sad words go astray
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