Priyanka Roy

February 26, 1995 - India
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I wonder if humanity still exists
In our hearts, in our heads
Or is it still wandering
A quiet place instead?

How do we stop it
from joining Death?
It mocks us at our failures
Vulnerability, doubts, waste of breath.

How do we make it accountable
for raging wars and benefitting over lives?
Would it shut voices pummeling
of orphaned boys, raped girls and widowed wives?

We have already amputated Peace
Raped Democracy out of her wits,
Oh! On the threshold of utter injustice
is where Humanity now sits.

It has already accused us of spitting and defecating
Contrary to unsold alibi's
Flashing boldly and urinating
Averting fear in our eyes.

Now, where exactly is Humanity stashing
In our pockets or on high walled shelves?
Or behind Lady Justices' blindfolds?
We need to figure that ourselves.
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