Pratik Shaw

May 22,2002 - Kolkata, India

A Letter To Mahi

Dear Mahi,

You remember when Priyanka asked,"Pakka na bahut time hai na humare pass?". Now it feels that she was a bit wrong. But Mahi you did finish off in style, not just in the 2011 World Cup but in every match you played for the nation, for us , for Ziva. Yeah, we know that you shouldn't have been dismissed the way you were, but believe me the player who did run you out would now be saluting you and would himself see you as an inspiration.
Sorry we could not give you the chance of lifting the World Cup again but yes, I can assure you that the people you gave hope to, happiness to, will surely lift you in their shoulders and will proudly say that this right here, is our hero, our saviour, our Mahi.
And if you are thinking that this is the end, then I must tell you that you are still going to feel a lifetime of love, from your friends, your family of the 1.3 billion people and maybe even from the whole world because it is not just the game you played that made us respect you, but the hope that you gave us.
You might have won a lot of matches, but the number of hearts you won were surely uncountable and far more greater.
This World Cup people more than winning it for India, wanted to win it for you.
And from my side, I am sorry but like Sakshi, I also am not such big fan of cricket, and I usually not have the TV on when the match is played but whenever it is on, its to see you. People dont just love you for your game, but because all of us, see a version of ourselves in you, who come from middle class families where mother say to their sleeping kids, "Ye itne kam me nahi manega", where we hope to do big, to have the love you gained and rise to excellence.
Thank you Mahi for everything you gave us. I hope we, once again, could have the 'Dhoni' cheer which will be so deafening that you will hear your own heart beating the sound "Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni". We are waiting for you to show up somewhere and not "Phir Kabhi" but very soon because we are too "Besabar" to see you again with your smile .

All of Us.
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