Pooja Hyanki

March 24,1992-Uttarakhand,India

Far from each other

Why are we here
so far
Far from each other,
It's been so long sitting together.
Two seasons just passed away
Are we counting days together.
Memories of days well spent with you
Are here with me and
May be it's with you too.
It was short wasn't that long
But is it enough for both of us
Fighting together.
As now we are here so far
Far from each other.
Hell yeah I miss you
And may be you miss me too
There is nothing but helplessness
You can't hold me I can't hold you.
I think you can't understand me and you think I can't understand you
These situations make us feel like we are falling apart
Can both of us stand this together
As we are here so far
Far from each other
I was pondering here all night and all day
And came to a decision
Let's this distance just be in number
Be strong and grow along
Make soul demon go in slumber
Let's turn that tiny tinge emotion into
Foreva lightening thunder
So that we can say it's ok
Even if we are so far
Far from each other.
Poetess-Pooja Hyanki
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