Pavol Janik

1956 / Bratislava

A Dictionary Of Foreign Dreams

At the beginning it was like a dream.
She said:
"Have at least one dream with me.
You'll see - it'll be a dream
which you've never dreamt about before."
Descend deeper with me,
dream from the back,
dream retrospectively
in a labyrinth of mirrors
which leads nowhere.
The moment you come to the beginning of nothing
you'll dream an exciting dream.
Frame it
and hang it in your bedroom.
So it will always be before your eyes
because a dream which is removed from the eye
is removed from the mind
in the sense
of the ancient laws
of human forgetfulness.
Dream your own.
Dream your dream
which is reflected on the surface
of a frozen lake.
A dream smooth and freezing:
Grieving keys,
a downcast forest,
curved glass.
The tributes of mirrors.
The rising of the moon
in a dream of water.
Recoil from the bottom
of the mirror's dream.
In the gallery of dreams
then you'll see
a live broadcast from childhood
fragments of long-forgotten stories.
Because our obsolete dreams
remain with us.
Don't be in a hurry, dream slowly, completely
until you see the crystalline construction
of your soul
in which dreams glitter.
- intentionally and comprehensibly like flame.
Perhaps you've already noticed
that new dreams always decrease.
They wane.
Soon we'll light up
in the magical dusk
of the last dream
the despairing cry
of a starry night.
Pay a toll to the dream's
deliverance from sense.
You repeat aloud
the intimacies of secret dreams,
with the dull gleam
of your persistent night eyes
you explicate a mysterious speech of darkness.
You dream, therefore you exist!

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