Parul V

India, April 5
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True face

Sounds of laughter and happiness on face
That's the proof that all is good
Tons of friends, we follow social trends
Fulfilled all desires, touchwood

When wardrobe is full, and repeat no clothes
Tons of shoes and accessories overflows
Cant count all the bags and wallets you have got
Oh how happy it sounds, am sure that all shows

Been to all the places that others can only dream
ate every cuisine, aah left no cookies or cream
Watched first day first show, of all the popular movies
Coz life is only good, and pretty it does seem

The face of life is clean, and appears exciting enough
That all may want the same, coz they dont know the bluff
The laugher that you heard, the happiness that you saw
They all lasted little while, and silence spread its claw

The tons of friends that were made, are miles and miles away,
even those who are close, got no time to spare anyway
For all the possessions you see and all the riches you found
desires never stopped growing, those are wanted more day by day.
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