Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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I Am a Ghost, a Haunting Soul

I am a ghost, a whispering shade,
A fleeting memory that's never quite laid,
A wisp of smoke that dances in the night,
A gentle breeze that carries out of sight.

I haunt the halls of ancient castles,
My presence felt in eerie cackles,
I wander through the forest's mist,
A haunting presence you can't resist.

I am the echo of a forgotten past,
A memory that's meant to last,
I am the specter of your fears,
A ghostly apparition that appears.

I glide through walls without a sound,
My presence felt all around,
I am the chill that creeps up your spine,
A ghostly presence that's hard to define.

I am a ghost, a spirit of the past,
A fleeting memory that cannot last,
A wisp of smoke, a breath of air,
A shadowy figure without a care.

I roam the halls of haunted homes,
In search of rest, in search of moans,
I listen closely to every sound,
Hoping to find a peace profound.

I am a ghost, a whisper in the night,
A flicker of light that's out of sight,
A memory of a love once held,
A tale that's often left untold.

I haunt the dreams of those who sleep,
And in their minds, my secrets keep,
I linger in their memories,
A part of them, eternally.

I am a ghost, a vision from the past,
A reminder that nothing truly lasts,
A symbol of what once was true,
A reminder of what we all pursue.
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