Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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He Walks With a Purpose

In the heart of a man,
Lies a world unknown
Where his deepest desires
And his dreams are sown

He walks with a purpose
And carries his weight
Through the highs and the lows
He keeps his steady gait

His eyes hold a story
Of battles won and lost
Of love and of laughter
And the ultimate cost

His hands are a testament
To the work he has done
From the sweat on his brow
To the calluses he's won

He may stumble and fall
But he always finds his feet
For he is a man
And he will not accept defeat

In his heart, there is courage
And a strength like no other
For he is a warrior
A father, a lover

He is a man of his word
And he stands by his creed
For he knows that his actions
Are all that he'll need

A man stands tall, so proud and strong,
With eyes that gleam and a heart that longs,
For the things that matter most in life,
The joys of family, love, and strife.

His hands are rough from years of toil,
Yet they hold a gentle touch that doesn't spoil,
His love for all those close to him,
His strength of character, never dim.

He walks with purpose, a steady stride,
Always ready for whatever may reside,
Around the corner, in the unknown,
His courage never dwindles or is overthrown.

His voice is deep, a calming sound,
With wisdom and experience that astound,
Those who listen to his every word,
His knowledge and insight, never blurred.

A man is more than flesh and bone,
He's a symbol of hope, a heart of stone,
He's a protector, provider, and friend,
A man stands strong, until the very end.

So here's to the man
Who walks with such pride
May his heart always guide him
And his soul never hide
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