Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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A Black Man, a Noble Sight

In the land of sun and sand,
Where the world burns hot and bright,
Stands a man with skin of onyx,
A black man, a noble sight.

He walks with purpose and power,
His stride firm and unyielding,
For he knows the weight of history,
And the challenges of his being.

Through the centuries of oppression,
His people have persevered,
From the chains of slavery,
To the fight for civil rights revered.

But this man is not just a symbol,
Of the struggle and the pain,
He's a person with a story,
And a heart that beats the same.

He loves, he dreams, he creates,
With a passion and a fire,
And though the world may try to break him,
He stands tall, his spirit higher.

For he is more than just his color,
More than the stereotypes that bind,
He is a son, a brother, a father,
A man with a brilliant mind.

So let us celebrate this black man,
And all the beauty he brings,
For in his strength and in his love,
Our world is truly enriched.
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