Okunola iyanuoluwa

May 8, 2003-Nigeria
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In the darkness,
God light my path,
For I'm drawn to his light.
Like a moth
to a flame,
For I'm not fazed, nor,
doubted the might of his light.
But in his light.
i see the way,
for he leads me and guides
my path,
and shields me from worldly
And even,maybe,
I don't call him-
he still shows up for me.
His light,
As warm and comforting,
It is,
shined upon me
like how;sun shined upon the land
for i indeed found help,
In his sight,
never wavered in belief.
His light,
nor disheartening or unpleasant,
to bear,
served a warm touch on my cold lips.
For I'm forever grateful,
to have been able to swim,
In the shores of his light.
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