Nupur Gautam

January 20, 2005
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The Profound Scar

After what you did to me, did you never feel guilty?
Guilty of lustfully desiring my 5-year-old body.
I understand growing up is confusing,
But you didn't have to make me your guinea pig,
While experimenting with the protruding parts of your body.

I did not even resist you because I trusted you,
More than trust I was unaware of what you were doing to me.
I don't even know if you are to blame
Because I was the one who agreed to "play the fun game".
Years later when I understood the meaning of the four-lettered word "RAPE",
It left me agape.

Don't worry, I'll always keep the atrocious act of yours a secret,
As promised I've swept it under the carpet.
I wonder how I have still not lost my sanity!
Is it because it was YOU who had the audacity,
Or because your intention was never to hurt me?
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