Author Reinvented

The Castle you Baked

You baked me a great castle,
To celebrate my birth,
Dressed it up in silver sugar pearls,
To represent my worth.

I danced through the fondant halls,
Twirled through my candied home,
Dizzied myself under the chocolate ceiling,
And threw myself into my cupcake throne.

On my head I wore a gumdrop crown,
Draped in a taffy cape,
Decorated with the brightest skittles,
And imagined a royal shape.

And oh! The castle it was glorious,
Purple frosted walls
Against the clear blue sky
Sugar cone turrets
Reaching ever high.

The windows made of melted candies,
The walls were made of cake,
The flags were hung from licorice poles,
And my name was on the gate.

But the castle walls are crumbling,
The cake's a bit too dry,
The carmel's a bit too salty,
Your effort, now unkind.

The frosting now is falling,
And the gate comes tumbling down,
The throne is way too bitter,
Mixed with coffee grounds.

Oh, the crown I wore is sticky,
The cape stretched and tore,
The Skittles have lost their coating,
And the crumbles blocked the door.

Sure chocolate might seem grand
When you're seated on a throne,
But when the oven starts baking,
It melts and you will drown.

Oh, you once baked me a great castle,
To represent my worth,
But in the end it came tumbling down,
And brought me back to earth.
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