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Keep Going

Failing, Falling.
Are you there to catch me?
Crumpling down, the ground is cold
Crashing on the hard ground. 

Standing up, Shaking.
Brushing the dirt off my back.
Taking deep, wheezing breaths,
Trying to focus my swirling world.

Slipping, stumbling.
Are you there to steady me?
Crashing down, the ground is cold,
Crashing on the hard ground.

Standing up, Shakily.
Picking gravel from my raw palms.
Shaking the pain away.
Take another step.

Sinking, drowning.
Are you going to pull me out?
Sinking lower, The water's so cold
Burning on the inside.

Holding my breath,
Kicking upwards, Lungs burning,
Arms tired, Break the surface
Take a sharp breath.
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