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A great pirate

There was a fearful pirate that once had roamed the sea,
He was feared not for violence, but instead for calculated greed.
He never flinched while in battle, never rose to goad nor taunt,
And at the end of the day, this fearful pirate was sure to get what he wants. 

Oh, he was a great pirate, the likes have not been seen since then! 
He never wavered for beautiful women, (nor yet for handsome men), 
Well fishermen passed through his seas, never one was bothered, 
But for merchants, smugglers and the like, he raised his Jolly Roger! 

He stole away silvers and golds galore, and spices and treasures and lace, 
Silks and alcohol and food, and sometimes even slaves. 
Despite the treasures that they held, the crew's dress all was plain, 
The gold and silvers and rumoured treasures where never seen again. 

The silk and spices where sold in the port, though none claimed this to be, 
For who would buy from the most feared pirate that ever sailed the sea?
The food and drink was never sold, though they said the Pirates would feast, 
And true the rumours sure did seem, with a crew as strong as beasts. 

As for the slaves - well no one knows, but rumours often flew, 
On how the dreaded pirate had gained his motley crew, 
But other say that in a far off land, somewhere in the east, 
In a land where no slaves are kept, the slaves where all released. 

They say they wore the finest clothes, and that the houses were strong and old-
The ones who sold the houses even swear they were paid in gold-
And there they live as farmers and hunters, even to this day, 
With good food and drink, and sometimes maybe, Pirates come to play. 

The Crown, they hated the pirate and swore to end his life, 
The navy set out in great big ships, but quickly met with strife. 
Some say it was the frightening sea, which tore the boats to shred, 
Some say it was the dreadful Pirates, when the night was dead, 

Some say it was something greater, than either man nor sea, 
But regardless, come the morning, there was no navy to be seen. 
The only thing left of twelve thousand men, and all five hundred boats, 
Was twelve undamaged vessels, and one empty keg afloat. 

Oh, but the pirate and his loyal crew disappeared this day, 
To where and why, well, no one knows, and only rumours say. 
Rumours claim that every so often, down in the land of the free, 
The well-clothed people will feast and drink and play with men of the sea. 

Oh, there was a fearful pirate who once had sailed the sea, 
With unwavering eyes, a heart that's kind, and a crew of twenty-three. 
Oh, there once was a great pirate, that used to rule the sea, 
And never again will the ocean see a pirate as great as he. 
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