Neeshant Srivastava

July 06, 1983

The Last Moon

No words in a million miles,
The stranger has risen once again,
In laughs and smiles and the dangling time,
To hear the call amidst choppy weather,
Running at the hint of dazzle and a mad race,
Culling out the usual from an unsettled frame,
You may have heard a voice call out from the void within,
Pushing you to the death of noise,
To the kingdom of loneliness where no one dares,
Don’t be upset if you are a chicken,
For the voice may make you hunt for years,
For a space bubbling in the depths of insanity,
When you destroy your nest and squander your best,
You are far away when you think you’re there,
Mother Nature will not show up too soon,
Don’t accept the calling even when a rookie,
For it’s not beyond a soul,
And if you’ve traveled too far,
Show your face and weep till the end,
He is just and holds the key,
Shape up to face the last moon,
For it has something to show you,
Don’t live through other’s eyes,
The last moon has descended.
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