Nazir Uddin Khan

Karachi, Pakistan

Illusion Of Right

Fight for the right with all your might
What is right is what you think is right! Is it right?
The only right is the right of the might
Cain was right Abel was right, Churchill was right Hitler was right,
Wolf is right, Rabit is right. Right of the beast!
You are right, I am also right, both are right yet we fight!
But what is the right? Who knows what is the right,
Just fight for what you think is right. Illusion of right!
Look for the right, might it be on the other side.
Alas! Human mind is too narrow to see the whole and absolute right.
Strive for right beyond the shadows of illusion
Stunned by phenomenal narrowness of mind
Every right is wrong, every wrong is right depends how one sees the right.
What an awful shame! Right is raped by might.
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