Nhz Tznh

April 28, 1998 - Earth
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Easier Said Than Done

Why do I close my eyes when the forests are dying, bodies of water losing their natural beauty and turning into nightmares, animals crying for help, people suffering from famine and violence, a community of animosity and selfishness is continuously growing at a fast pace?

Why are my ears covered when thousands of innocent children, begging to be nurtured and fed are being abandoned by their parent(s) just because they are not ready for them, the ironic screams of silence and isolation are too loud and are resulting to some serious physical, mental, and emotional consequences, the world around me is shouting for help and slowly tearing apart?

Why do I constantly confuse the smell of poison in the air that I breathe to the smell of a burnt toast, the hazy smoke that surrounds me to a fog, the warming temperature to summer and fun?

Why can’t I taste the difference between a genetically modified food that I stuff my mouth with and can possibly cause my slow death to a naturally and organically grown produce that can help me become healthier and more productive in life?

Why do I go numb and unresponsive to the touch of the fuming monster called technology that we’ve created and fed so much that instead of it being controlled by us, is already controlling us long before we even realized it?
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