Nathalie Handal

1969 / French / Palestinian / American

Waltz Of A Dream

There is a dream of dance
that we'll remember
there's ten windows
where shoulders lean on
there is a piece of sun
ten echoes roaming
where love lost
is a place that becomes

Dance yes come dance

There's a chair
where death sits
there's a mirror
there's a garden
that cuts hell into hills

There's a shadow
that runs through the mirror
and a window that opens
the world

Dance yes come dance

There's a rooftop
where noise keeps its hat
where white ribbon and a cry
starts to fly
there are footsteps
that want all their shadows
there are lovers that want
all the waltz

Dance yes come dance

There's a hum
on your forehead that hums
this dream this dream this dream
yes this dream yes this dance
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