Nancy Altraide

April 29, 1997 - Nigeria
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My country my pain

You are my pain and my cure
You are my weakness and my strength
You are my fatherland

But you have treated me like an outcast
A person with no heritage
A person of desolate origin
I believed in you
Like I believed in myself
Yet I failed myself and you failed me

You play a game of trade by barter
You give me steady light
But take away roads
You give me good roads
You abort any means of transport
You give me education but no Jobs
Sometimes u leave me hungry
Other times u throw crumbs at me

You kill off my seeds
My fertile offspring
You set them up against themselves
And you devour their spoils
Give me the chance to expand my light
Do not try to stop my growth
Let my offspring flourish
Let their exploit be heard in all nations

Let the stars hear of their reign
Let my offspring roar like a lion
Let them soar like an eagle
Till the end of time.
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