Nakul Bisht

April 20, 2004 - Nainital, India
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An Unholy Sinner

“Who’s this they’re taking away?”
asked the young boy to his mum.
“It’s an unholy sinner
from a filthy little slum”.
“What sin did he commit?
For what does he yowl?”
“It’s a sin most inhuman,
dark and foul.”
“I don’t understand quite well.
Was it lust, was it greed?
Or was it something else
for which he bleeds.”
The woman smirked and giggled
as she watched the sight,
“It’s been taken away
‘cause it’s black and we are white.” ‘
The young boy couldn’t believe
what he heard and what he saw,
He asked his mother, appalled
“What ‘bout justice? What ‘bout law?”
“Law is just words on white pages
penned by them who claim the throne.
Justice is a lady blindfolded,
with white skin that can be owned.”
“Where are they taking him?”
The boy asked, shocked.
“It’ll be kept in a cellar,
tied with chains and locked.
Or if it is has some luck
they’ll shoot it in the head
and in the blink of an eye
it’ll be forgotten and dead.”
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